Located at Chancery House, in the heart of the legal quarter of Port Louis, DE SPEVILLE-DESVAUX is a multi-disciplinary set composed of both senior and upcoming barristers.

Its team of dedicated barristers offers a broad spectrum of legal services in both litigation and transactional matters within Mauritian Law as well as internationally. Whilst barristers at DE SPEVILLE-DESVAUX appear predominantly in civil and commercial matters, the Chambers counts tenants acting in criminal litigation as well. However, the clientele of DE SPEVILLE-DESVAUX remains predominately corporate.

Over the years, tenants at DE SPEVILLE-DESVAUX have appeared in numerous complex and high profile cases at all levels, including before the Judicial Committee of the Privy Council based in London.


DE SPEVILLE-DESVAUX is not a law firm but instead a traditional set of Chambers composed of several independent barristers. The Chambers finds its root in the nineteen twenties with Maxime Doger de Spéville QC. The current tenants of DE SPEVILLE-DESVAUX, whilst retaining their individuality and independence, share the same professional and ethical values and promote the exchange of knowledge and ideas thus providing the highest level of service and seamless continuity of representation.”